South Africa
How much water are we saving?
Posted by Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa on 4 August 2020

After setting up the tippy taps and doing a water audit with the grade 7 classes, it was the schools turn to do an audit with the other classes. This is what Eco-teacher, Mrs Madondo had to say “The tippy tap assist us and the learners to save a huge amount of water. Everyday we fill 0,5 litre in each water bottle .In one day it means 0,5x6 bottles which is the number of the container. In other words, 3 litres per day is used for handwashing. Unfortunately not all our learners at school. Grade 7 come three times a week. The alternate days are with grade 6. There are 160  learners in our school. There are 80 learners per day. We took one learner to clean her hands using a tap water .We collect all the amount of water wasted.We measured that amount of water.We find that it was 3 litres.So 3litres x80 learners =240 litres per day. It means that We save the amount of water ie  240 litres  minus 3 =237 litres we save by using tippy taps..

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