South Africa
A new way to keep our hands clean
Posted by Luhana Primary, South Africa on 4 August 2020

Whilst there was no opportunity to do a tougher water audit with the learners when we installed the tippy taps, Nomvula decided to do her own. In her report, she say “The pictures above shows tippy taps that were installed in our school by Julia  and Bridget  from Water Explorers. Usually learners wash their hands in a jojo tank with scarce rain water. A group of 30 learners use about 20 litres a day to wash their hands using water from the jojo tank, this means in a week they use about 100 litres of water, and during this covid19 time, where they have to wash their hands for twenty seconds,water spent could be more than this.

We now have 6 x 2 litre taps containing 12 liters of water. Surprisingly for the group of 30 learners,7 educators,5 non-teaching staff in a week we use 12 liters of water, saving almost 88 litres of water per day.In our area where water is a scarce resource tippy taps are the answer. We are planning to install more tippy taps in preparation for the coming grades.”


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