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Climate Change is Real
Posted by Camp NonSuch Island Conservation , Bermuda on 8 July 2015

At NonSuch camp we have been completely immursed in nature. We have explored ecosystems in caves, the rocky coast, ponds, marshes, reefs, and mangroves. Some of us have been challenged by living without a/c and a hot shower and are completely out of our comfort zone. Still, we are pushing ourselves to be more aware of and to appreciate our surroundings and how sensitive they are as well. I feel one of the main focuses of this camp is to improve our scientific skills and we have amazing opportunities to learn from local science experts.

One thing we haven't talked about much before is how everythign we're learning about here is threatened around the world. Abbie from Greenrock came to talk to us about climate change. She explained a bit of the science and then we explored how climate change has affected people around the world. I had heard it was a problem and that we need to make changes but I didn't realise so many people are literally displaced from their homes because of floods, hurricanes and lack of access to the basics of survival. Each of us represented someone from a differnet region and got to tell their story of struggle. It could just as easily happen here.

To lighten the mood, Abbie then showed us some really cool campaigns to inspire people to make a difference. We saw a trailor about Pope Francis fighting back - that was pretty funny. And we saw a music video from Jamaica saying "it doesn't matter when or how, climate change is happening now." It was a realy catchy tune.

THEN we got to make our own campaign and present it to the group. I made a poster with simple tips on things people can do. I didn't get to finish it but maybe when we get back to the mainland I will and then I'll put it up at school.

Overall, I learned that there is a connection between all the data science we learn and people's lives. As well, there are things we all can - and should - do to lighten our impact.



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