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Secret Water
Posted by Convent Primary School, Ireland on 20 May 2016
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Our Book Day
Our Book Day

Our challenge today was brilliant fun. We created a BOOK/BAKE sale in our school. We were so busy during the last two weeks  because we had to make posters, collect our old books from home, check all books were in good condition, organise them according to ages etc. Róisin made some great posters because she is great at art. We advertised our sale in all the classes and at assembly. So today, we set up the Halla and invited all the classes to come and see our books. We had almost 120 books from just our class. Every class bought books for REALLY cheap prices. We also sold some cakes and gave free drinks. Children got their books and goodies and took some time out of class to enjoy some new reading. Having the buns and cakes made the day more enjoyable and we made some money for our school tour!!! 

We learned that recycling books is great and we hope to do this again next year. We donated any leftover books to each class teacher. It was a brill day. Highly recommend it.

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