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Is your water really clean?
Posted by Gerald Griffin NS, Ireland on 27 May 2016
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At our water festival our table were checking to see if materials dissolve or not in water. The equipment and materials that we used were sugar, salt, sand, a spoon, cups and water. First, we got three cups. In one cup we put sugar and water in and we mixed it for 60 seconds. After we got another cup and put salt and water into it and mixed it for 60 seconds. We put sand and water into a third cup and mixed it with a spoon for 60 seconds. When we put the sugar in the water we could not see it any more. When we put the salt in the water we could not see it anymore. When we put the sand in the water the water got dirty and we could still see the sand. The results were the sugar dissolved. The salt dissolved and the sand sank .From this experiment we have learned that even though water might look clean sometimes it is not. So be very careful where you get your water!

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