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Challenging the Local Community
Posted by Ghasri Gozo Laura Vicuna School, Malta on 25 May 2018

Our water explorers decided to challenge the local community this time!  During the water festival the water explorers gave a set of glasses together with other objects made from reusable material  to the representatives of the local council.  They challenged them to use  glasses instead of disposable plastic cups during events.  As a result of this we hope to minimise the usage of plastic and the amount of secret water used in making it.  



Local Partner Nature Trust - FEE Malta

Nature Trust - FEE Malta was founded in 1962 with the aim to create awareness on environmental issues and conserve our natural heritage both for the present and future generations.

Today the Non Government Organisation is active in four main areas being :

  • Education for Sustainable Development both in schools and communities mainly through Eco-Schools (locally known as EkoSkola), LEAF (Learning about Forests), YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment), Blue Flag and Green Key.
  • Management and conservation of ecologicallyimportant sites
  • Wildlife  Rescue and rehabilitation
  • Awareness raising on the various environmental issues both in the Maltese islands and Internationally

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