During the expedition your team:

  • touched the lives of 0 people
  • worked with 0 people along the way  
  • convinced 0 people to do something water smart
  • saved 0 litres of water being wasted - that’s enough drinking water for 0 people for a year!

Together you and the other teams in your country have:

  • touched the lives of 0  of your neighbours
  • worked with 0 friends and family along the way  
  • convinced 0 to change the way they use water
  • saved 0 litres from being wasted - that’s enough water to produce  0 kgs of wheat!

Well done! Your team are exemplar Water Explorers! Have a think about what you can do to go even further - can you use your knowledge and expertise to help others achieve what you have?

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Switch on to switch off
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 22 November 2019

Today we learnt all about our changing climate and how it affects us. We looked at possible solutions one being solar cooking because its clean, free, renewal and above all produces no greenhouse gasses. We learnt about the different types of solar cookers from panels, to boxes and parabolics. We then watched a simple video of how to build our own box cooker. Like any good cooler box, the box must have good insulation to protect again heat excape. The learners were then put into groups of 8 and given resources like glue, tin foil and polystyrene sheets. This activity was very enjoyable and one learner Thanda Shezi observed, “ The lesson was very interesting, we now know that many of our activities like cutting down trees, agriculture practices and using electricity produces greenhouse gasses that blanket the earth and cause climate change”. Following this lesson we are going to switch off and minimum our electricity usage. Its good for the planet and good for our pockets.

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