During the expedition your team:

  • touched the lives of 0 people
  • worked with 0 people along the way  
  • convinced 0 people to do something water smart
  • saved 0 litres of water being wasted - that’s enough drinking water for 0 people for a year!

Together you and the other teams in your country have:

  • touched the lives of 0  of your neighbours
  • worked with 0 friends and family along the way  
  • convinced 0 to change the way they use water
  • saved 0 litres from being wasted - that’s enough water to produce  0 kgs of wheat!

Well done! Your team are exemplar Water Explorers! Have a think about what you can do to go even further - can you use your knowledge and expertise to help others achieve what you have?

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Global Water
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Precious WaterComplete!
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Your school has
Reached out to 0 people
Got 0 people involved
Changed the way 0 people use water
That’s 3040 points, 0 m3 of water saved - well done!
The Water ninja's
Kwa-Ngubeni Primary School
South Africa is proud of our total 83840 points
This school has Reached out to 0 people Got 0 people involved Changed the way 0 people use water
Doing is learning and learning is doing
Posted by Mjila primary, South Africa on 22 November 2019

Today Mjila Eco-Club discovered why our climate is changing. Dissociating between weather and climate, they were alarmed to discover how with an increased concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere (since the industrial revolution ) has meant that global temperature have continued to soar. Mrs Mayeza reports “The lesson was helpful although the learners knew very little about climate change but the teaching strategies- talk, presentation, games and questioning was very useful in making them better understand. Solutions lie in doing and today we got to make solar cookers to save energy and gg gasses as well as plant Spekboom to mop up excess carbon.”

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