Happy World Environment Day!
Posted on 5 June 2015

Today marks World Environment Day, and to celebrate we introduced two Water Explorer teams to each other on Skype to share their Water Explorer journeys so far.

School #1 from Italy: Leonardo da Vinci of Pistoia aka TEAM BAU BAU

School #2 from England: Felsted Preparatory School aka TEAM FELSTEAD

Thomas from Leonardo da Vinci  introduced  his school and explained that they are in Florence, surrounded by beautiful buildings and monuments. He then congratulated Felsted for being second on the English Leaderboard. Bau Bau told Felsted about their Water Festival which took place in the mountains, at the school and by the sea where they involved local communities in their festivities.

Extra credit is due because Bau Bau only started studying English this year, and did a great job telling us all about their explorations..

Felsted explained that they have been making a film for the Water Explorer website to try and promote water saving actions across English schools. They have split out the challenges between different subjects so they can do Water Explorer in different classes. As today is World Environment Day, 500 students at Felsted are doing a triathlon to try and raise money for Water Aid.

Thanks to both schools for participating in the call, it’s fantastic to see students across the world joining forces to try and help protect our world’s water.

Go Water Explorers!

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