The scary reality of life without our precious water
Posted by Water Explorer on 28 October 2015

When you think of water scarcity what springs to mind, baron land, sparse deserts, empty wells? We often see it as a far of issue when the scary reality is that water scarcity is far closer to home, spooky. The UN has categorised the South East of Britain alongside large parts of Africa, Asia and Europe as facing water stress.

A growing number of academics predict that fresh water shortages will create our next global crisis. When we look at Earth from space we see blue and lots of it, the reality is however that only 1% of this is fresh water. This number is fixed and we need this water to brush our teeth, wash our hands, grow our crops, drink and live (even spookier right).

Jean Chrétien former Canadian prime minister explains for The Guardian, “Using water the way we have in the past simply will not sustain humanity in future”. So, if every part of the globe will be touched by a water crisis what better way is there to safeguard the future of our precious water than to educate the young?

Water Explorer to the rescue! The Water Explorer programme offers a fully resourced, easy to use way to do just this. Through Challenges and Missions a global network of over 57,000 young empowered citizens has been created and have become empowered to save our water. Our UK national winners, Springfield School embedded a culture of water saving throughout their school from their eco-club hub and Ireland’s Aqua Dudes were recognised for their community impact at our International Awards ceremony earlier this month. 

These teams and many other Water Explorers are doing an awesome job of keeping the chilling reality of a water starved earth at bay.  You can too with the simple first step of committing to #turnoffthetap.

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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