Paris Climate Summit COP21 – Water Explorers are doing summit about it
Posted on 14 December 2015

The past two weeks have been very exciting for Water Explorers across the globe. Over 190 world leaders have come together in Paris to create solutions against climate change, and our precious water has most definitely been on the agenda.

Leaders have set a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) to make sure that safe water and sanitation are available to everyone by 2030, filling our future with fresh water for all. Water Explorers are part of that goal, through the Fresher Water challenges, “Clean that water up!”, teams have investigated where our water comes from and how it is purified. From this Water Explorers have grown into global citizens and ambassadors for positive change, acting locally and thinking globally.

One other SDG (12) aim is to drive responsible consumption and production of products that we use every day. Water Explorers have tackled this head on through Secret Water Challenges, discovering hidden water tied up in our clothes during the Fashionable Water challenge, in our food – 1 burger = 2400 Litres! - and much more.

In the New Year Water Explorers will be transported into the shoes of people that suffer most from water scarcity.  The ‘A Day in the Life’ of Challenge will explore real life stories like that of 15 year-old Valentina in Uruguay, who must boil water to ensure it is safe for consumption, or 14 year-old Aemo in Ghana, who travels 4 miles on foot to collect water for her family from the local river.

Well done Water Explorers for being top of the agenda at the Paris Climate Summit, it feels great that Water Explorers are doing SUMMIT about it and working together to reach our global water goals. So share your stories of your great water saving activities and let us know how you are helping to achieve SDGs 6 and 12!

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