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Posted by Convent Primary School, Ireland on 10 May 2016
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Hey! Hagar and Meagan, the Water Masters here! Recently we learned about the story of COTTON. We watched a video clip of the story from the cotton seed to when it became a t-shirt in the shop. We learned that cotton has been grown for 5000 years and that it had to be hand picked up to about 66 years ago. We found out that cotton is used in soo many things...even paper money. And the cotton seeds are used in the making of hundreds of food products.

A common problem with the cotton plant was that it would be attacked by pests, but if the farmer put too much fertilizer on the plant it would die, so it was important to use organic fertilizer and pesticides. Your WATER EXPLOERER bags are 100% organic cotton!!!

We discovered that it is IMPOSSIBLE to go without cotton for a day!!!

In our school we had a clothes collection because cotton and clothes are RENEWABLE. Most of our recycled clothes will go to Eastern European countries. Some of the money made from the clothes goes to charity and the school alsdo gets some so everybody is happy.



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