Watery Workshop
Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 25 November 2016
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The Grade Four’s held their first water workshop for the Grade 2’s this week. Each group planned and presented their activities to groups of Grade 2’s. Some of the activities were based on previous challenges the Grade 4’s had completed.

Here are some of the activities the groups wrote about:

The Water Cycle

Today we taught the grade 2’s about the water cycle. First we told them our names and then what they could call us. Then we taught them the water cycle with actions. Then for the main activity we made the Grade 2’s draw the water cycle on a Ziploc packet. We put blue coloured water inside it, up to where they had drawn the sea. We told them to leave it hanging there for about a week and they would see the water cycle process. We enjoyed it…a lot!

Polluting and Saving water

Today we taught the Grade 2’s about polluting and saving water. We started off by telling them who we are. Then we played a game called the sorting game. It is a poster which has 2 columns, saving and polluting water. They had to sort pictures cards out in the correct columns. The Grade 2’s could choose if they wanted to make a saving water or polluting poster. Then we let them vote for their favourite poster. We had a blanket and three bins and we put a lot of rubbish on the blanket. They had to sort it out into cardboard, plastic and paper. At the end we did a quiz.

Healthy Menus

Today we taught the Grade 2’s about water inside our food. We welcomed them in a small dance and introduced our names. First the Grade 2’s had to draw their 2 most favourite foods. Most children chose healthy food, which was good! Then they had to sort their foods in to unhealthy and healthy categories. Then we explained about how much water is in meat, bread and that vegetables use less water. Soon their challenge started, they had to make menus with dishes that used the least amount of water. Everyone worked well. We really enjoyed teaching the Grade 2’s.




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