Water explorer rap
Posted by Castleisland Community College, Ireland on 1 February 2017
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Water explorer rap

Uisce glan                                

Uisce fuar                              

Nil sé ar fáil                          

Go flúir                                  


Easpa báisti

Dona páisti

Sna tíortha teo

Cad a dhéanfar leo


Géarchéim uisce

De bharr easpa tuisceanna

Géarcheim phráinneach

Áifeala orainn amárach


Téigh I mbun oibre

Coimeád an t-uisce

Bí ar an airdeall

Tusa agus mise






A lack of rain

For the children

In hot countries

What can be done for them


Water crisis

Because of  a lack of understanding

An urgent crisis

We will regret it tomorrow


Let’s go to work

Conserve  water

Be aware

You and me!



We created this rap with help from our teacher to raise awareness about water in the developing world.  We performed this rap in front of the 1st 2nd and 3rd years in our school and also performed it for primary schools in the town.



Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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