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Posted by Castleisland Community College, Ireland on 7 February 2017
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I travelled to  Fermoy in County Cork with 3 other water explorers and our teacher to the green schools water forum meeting last October.

The meeting started at 10:00 a.m. and there were 4 more schools present along with 2 workers from Irish water and two representatives from the green school’s programme.

We were shown a presentation on saving water and raising awareness by the 2 representatives from the green schools. Each school shared their ideas about how to converse water. When we were finished each school got an A1 sheet to design a mind map on what features would be in your ideal school to preserve water.

A representative from Irish water told us the processes involved in water treatment works and why we should conserve as much water as possible. He explained about a rising world population and only 1% of the world’s water is drinkable.

 We were shown an example of an action plan and we were given a page to design our own action plan for our school. Our plan involved raising awareness amongst pupils about conserving water, having an action day in the school, science experiments, testing the school’s water and completing the challenges in the water explorer competition.

We explained to our fellow water explorers what we learnt and what we did in Fermoy. The  action plan is certainly helping us to complete all our water explorer challenges and was of great assistance to us when we were planning our water workshops. Some of the information that we learnt we explained in our water workshops. We used our water workshops as part of our green school’s water action week. Our principal introduced our water action week on Monday 16th January . As a school we were all asked to conserve water by making sure taps are turned off correctly and reporting any dripping taps.



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