How does the water make its way to the clouds?
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Posted by Kinderhaus Schatzkiste, Germany on 20 February 2017
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After our last meeting, we decided to explore how water makes its way to the clouds and how it all works with rain. Therefore, we took a look at our globe and found out that there is a lot of water in lakes, rivers and in the sea. 

We also tasted fresh and salty water and could differentiate the both very well. How  water gets into the sea? Of course, it has to rain! But how does the water make its way up in the sky? We could not blow it up, we tried…

And so, we performed a little experiment. We heated up a bit of water in a teaspoon over a small candle. And lo and behold, after a while, the water transformed. 

It started to bubble and vaporised, until only the salt was left on our spoon. We see! This is why rain does not taste salty! And who plays the candle in nature’s play? The sun, of course!

As soon as the water vapor cools down in higher air layers, water drops start to cuddle up and form clouds, until there is no space left and the first drops make their way back to earth again…



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