Global Team of the Week goes to Calthorpe Eco Club
Posted by Rydell High, United Kingdom on 10 April 2017

Congratulations to Team Calthorpe Eco Club from the United Kingdom on being this week’s Global Team of the Week.

After making it to the UK National Finals last year, Calthorpe Park School Water Explorers are back again this year, as enthusiastic as ever! While last year they focused on Global Water, this year the team have focused on Precious Water. They have now completed all of the Challenges in the Precious Water Mission, and held a great Water Festival in March. 

The Calthorpe Eco Club Water Explorers have approached each Challenge with great enthusiasm. We were especially impressed by the way they approached the 'Challenge your family' Challenge: they took home surveys for their family members to complete and used the results to create leaflets to educate family members on how to save water. They brought these home and 4 weeks later surveyed the same family members again. Overall the results were positive and each of the family members surveyed had reduced their water use!

The team's Water Festival was a fun-filled event, which allowed hundreds of students from their school to dip their toes into the water-saving world. With 10 different activities to try out, there was something for everyone!

Congratulations Calthorpe Eco Club and keep up the great work!

The Water Explorer Team 




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