Global Team of the Week goes to Corrie Water Boosters
Posted on 7 July 2017

Congratulations to the Corrie Water Boosters from Corrie Lyn school in South Africa on being this week’s Global Team of the Week!

Since visiting their local wetland (a 5 minute walk from their school!) during World Wetland Month in February, the team have got stuck into the Waterful Wetlands Challenge, and have focussed their efforts on taking this challenge to even greater heights. On their first visit to the wetland they took some soil samples to check pollution levels, and investigated the wetland's biodiversity. They then went back to school and made their own wetland models.

Realising all the wonderful things wetlands do for the environment - filtering water, slowing water down (which reduces flooding and erosion), and providing a home for lots of different wildlife - the Water Explorers decided to make signs to advise local members of their community to look after their wetlands! As they proudly carried their signs to the wetland, they sang Viva Water Explorer Viva!  

Next term they plan to do even more to protect their wetland, by running a short workshop for the community on why they should protect it.

Well done Corrie Lyn Water Explorers - it's great to see so much passion for protecting our water! 

The Water Explorer Team

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