National Event 2017 - German water explorers celebrate
Posted by agado on 20 July 2017

Building water pumps, water fasting with the whole community, water festivals, sponsored runs, watery fashion shows or the participation in a nation wide water quiz - one exciting water explorer challenge was chasing the other this water explorer year. That’s why we wanted to celebrate with the most active and creative teams! 

Out of nearly 70 registered schools and youth centres 5 teams were chosen and invited to take part in the national celebration event in Munich. 

The Grafen-von-Schaunberg primary school from Julbach, the primary school Sandsteinweg from Berlin, the primary school Regnitzlosau and the Johannes Turmair grammar school from Straubing accepted the invitation and presented their challenges and activities done during the year at a stand to the water explorer jury. 

Also there were many water related activities, a delicious buffet and an outstandingly tasty water explorer cake! 

Who won?  The team Grafen-von-Schaunberg from Julbach! :) Congratulations again!

But the others did not come away empty-handed. The primary school Regnitzlosau received a special award for water savings, the primary school form Berlin for outstanding self-responsibility while planning and doing challenges and the Johanne Turmair grammar school for community impact. 

Hence, no need to be disappointed at all! Together we had lots of fun and a fantastic day! :)


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