Mjila pulls out all the stops for World Water month
Posted by Mjila primary, South Africa on 3 April 2018

Since attending the water explorer workshop Mjila Primary has been inspired to take action to save every last drop in their school and communities. Here are some of the projects they have been involved in:

  • The Intermediate phase of 100 children have started to implement a tippy tap system. Instead of washing hands under a running tap (which Mrs Mayeza estimates to use up to 300 litres of water) they have made 6 - 2 litre tippy taps each needing a refill once a day. We worked out that on average the children now use 24 litres a day for hand washing as oppose to 300 litres a day saving a significant 276 litres per day
  • Although they have had a garden for many years now, this year they have started mulching the soil with hay. This keeps the soil moist requiring less watering. The children then use grey water to irrigate the garden either in the early morning or late evening when the sun is not as hot lessening the chance of plants wilting.This year they have had a bumper harvest with spinach, green pepper, lettuce and beetroot. Apparently the vegetables like their newly mulched beds as well!!!.They are also in the process of expanding their indigenous garden planting water wise flowers and tree to beautify their garden, provide a home to birds and butterflies and teach children the difference between indigenous and exotic plants
  • For Wetland day this year 34 Grade 7 learners hosted a clean up. They then made filters to mimic the water purification function of the wetland. In this picture one learner demonstrates the sand filtration process of the wetland soils
  • For water week, the whole school got involved with posters, poems, songs and dance to celebrate water, 36 grade 6 learners got into groups to do a water audit in their home. Over 3 days they calculated how much water they used and abuse for different, cleaning, washing and so on. The above picture shows their findings… the next step is to critically analyse in which ways they are wasting water in their own lives and as a family to complete the Precious Water: Water walkway and family challenge…watch this space




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