Grey Water System
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 27 April 2018
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A diagram of our Home-Made Grey-Water Filtration System
A diagram of our Home-Made Grey-Water Filtration System

Since the beginning of 2018, my Dad had an idea for saving our grey water. The plan: a filtration system with a 120L storage space to collect filtered grey water coming from the bathroom. In February he started to construct it, and at the same time the Amazing GIG joined Water Explorers. It worked out even better when we decided to do the Precious Water mission first.

The basic plan for the system was to extend the bathroom outlet pipe(outside the house) until it reached the filtration system. Underneath the filtration system we had six 20L tanks all connected together for storage. The last tank had a hose pipe connection, so that when we wanted to water the garden we could use our grey water.

During the construction we ran into a few complications. The first one was simple. Just a leak in the containers. After fixing the leak, we discovered that the aeration pipe wouldn't work, so that idea was left out. Everything went smoothly until the project was complete. We had a test run and only then everything went wrong. This problem was more complex, so we had a physics lesson in the back yard. Our bathroom is upstairs, so the water flowing down to the filtration system was undergoing a long period with the Force of Gravity. As it travelled downwards, it picked up speed(because of Gravity) and by the time it reached the filtration system it was coming in at such a speed and therefore force, that it was over flowing. The reason for this was our filter system not being airtight, couldn't hold in any pressure and therefore couldn't increase the outflow speed after slowing down in the filtration box. To fix this problem we first tried to make more filtration holes. This did not help so we resorted to the last option, letting less water out the bath than before. At first we put our bath plug side ways and watch the water(in case the plug fell closed), but doing this would become extremely tiresome. Luckily we found a handy gadget in our garage. This one of-a-kind plug had a hole in the centre. By putting this in the plug hole we could leaving it in without worrying about it falling closed. The hole in the centre let out just enough water to keep it flowing down the pipe, without the filtration system over flowing.

Now that the filtration system is working, we can use the filtered water in the storage tanks to water our garden and for anything else that we might need grey water for.

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