Eco-Brick benches
Posted by Emadolobheni, South Africa on 5 June 2018

Emadolobheni was the reigning champ of the Uthukela Water Explorer schools when they built more than 160 eco-bricks far surpassing their next competitor, Falethu Primary. With some of the eco-bricks they made a beautiful outside beach, I was really surprised when I arrived at the school.

 As promised they won a big build party where the winning class who built the most eco-bricks won a class party with lots of delectable treats such as chips, biscuits, popcorn and off course the signature Water Explorer cake. After the party the eco-committee set to work silicone gluing little stools for the lower grade classes. Surprisingly it was the female teachers of the group like the very capable Sanele Vilakazi that proved the most practical builder.Whilst the party and building activities were heaps of fun, there was a strong learning focus behind the activity and the children were introduced to the concept of the 5 R’s: Recycle,reduce,repair,reuse and refuse. The hidden water they learnt is used and polluted in the process of making everything we use, eat and consume. From the T-Shirt on my back to the piece paper I write on, to my next meal, secret water is locked up in all these products. When we re-use or recycle, we make new products out of old without having to tap into more raw material. This saves energy,water,pollution,money and raw material such as trees.We then demonstrated how we can recycle old cardboard to make paper beads. By recycling we help to save our planet.


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