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Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 7 June 2018

As the Sultan’s of the Water Explorer We planned our festival in the light of the water inspector guide sent to us. We decided to make our water festival, which we plan to do on Thursday, May 31 at school, in two stages.We decided to do the first stage during the daytime between 11.00 and 15.00 and the second stage in the iftar program which will be organized by Gebze Municipality in our school garden.We announced the festival by hanging the posters and invitation cards to different places in the town and advertising to Gebze Haber Newspaper. We put our banners on business places, mosques and schools which are in our Neighborhood.Our festival started with the meeting of the students, teachers, administrators, parents, neighborhood residents, neighborhood muhtar and district protocol in the other schools in our neighborhood on May 31, Thursday at 11:00 am. In the festival, the recycling awareness stand, the advanced transformation workshop stand, the science and robotic stand, the experimental stand, the planting stand, the swap stand, face painting stand, jewelry design, sportive activities and karaoke activities which are guided by our volunteer teachers and parents are exhibited effectively and enthusiastically .It was a pleasure to see the intense interest to the stands.

        In the stage program, The Sultans of Water showed the presentation of Water Explorer Project  to the all audiences  as live performance .They have been acclaimed by singing the rap songs "Save Your Water”. Later on, the Little Explorers, consisting of kindergarten students performing on stage, presented dance shows called "Water :The Source of Life".The stage program continued with a fun dance show.The festival participants, who could not find a place in front of the stage, participated in activities on stands where different and enjoyable events took place.At the end of the stage program, The Sultans of Water performed the recycling fashion show with enthusiastic message with the message "I am Not Trash but Raw Material “. The tiny gifts with a natural rose in it designed for our festival were distributed to the guests.Part 1 of our festival, which attracted great interest from the audience, ended with the dance show in which participants also took part.

       The second stage of our festival continued with the iftar meal given in the garden of our school to all the residents by Gebze  Municipality since it is theRamadan month.Before Iftar dinner, the water Explorers drew attention to the saving and conscious use of the with the message of "Every Drop You Keep is A Life Indeed “. After Kocaeli deputy Cemil YAMAN, Gebze Mayor Adnan KÖŞKER and neighborhood representative Ahmet İMAMOĞLU 's speech and taking pictures, the guests ate their dinner. 

The program ended with the wooden leg game , hacivat karagöz shadow game and music shows prepared for the audience to enjoy their meal. We are glad to increased awareness to save the water and keep on saying:


“Every Drop You Keep 

Is A Life Indeed “




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