Recycling Sewerage
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 14 June 2018
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We went to the sewerage treatment plant with our Amazing GIG co-op and some other friends. It was a very stinky place! The sewerage is cleaned so that the water can be reused, and even our poo gets recycled! Here's how it is done:

  1. Stinky dirty sewerage comes in and all the hard solids (e.g. plastic) are removed.
  2. The sewerage enters stinky pools with bacteria in, which helps clean the poo and urine. These pools look like frothy hot chocolate but DON’T take a sip!
  3. Then it goes into a series of dams, which are used for settling and cleaning. In the last dam chlorine is added.
  4. Finally, it is sent to the sea or used for irrigation; it still wasn’t clean enough for drinking. If they wanted to do that they would need to send it to a different water cleaning plant.
  5. In the pools (in step two) sludge was taken out and pressed till all the liquid came out. Sludge is basically someone’s cleaned poo. This is used as compost as it is full of nutrients and helps plants grow. I thought it was very stinky!

It was very interesting learning about this but it was also extremely stinky and disgusting.

It is very important to clean sewerage so that we can reuse the water for irrigation and even drinking, and so the environment doesn’t get super polluted and disgusting.

By Boaz, age 10

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