Cool Tippy Taps
Posted by Luhana Primary, South Africa on 24 April 2019

With our situation of water scarcity at our school,learners decided to make a few tippy taps in front of every block at school.Normally learners will go to tank to wash their hands and their plates,more water will end up on the drains being wasted. With tippy a lot of water is saved,tippy taps are at the edges of vegetable gardens,so water used for washing the hands is not wasted since it waters the in the gardens .Learners used 2 litre bottles rope and poles to make tippy taps,you just have to turn the 2 litre bottle,small amounts of water will come out from a small hole in the lid.learners take turns to fill the tippy taps.Tippy taps all the way !!!

There are four tippy taps in front of all the 4 blocks totalling 16 tippy taps.

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