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Posted by Amanzimtoti Primary, South Africa on 17 December 2019
Solar cooker fun
Solar cooker fun

30 Grade 3 and 9 Grade 6 Envirokids as well as four Educators participated in the feedback lesson organised byJulia from Water Explorer. As a consolidation of what we had learnt, we constructed Solar cookers in Groups using a box, foil, insulating material and a glass panel. An apple and spice dish was cooked outside while we were busy. This provided a delicious treat with custard for all. As a follow up 3 weeks later, two groups of grade 6's used one of the solar cookers to prepare marshmallow treats. This took about 30 mins to melt. One group made rice crispie treats while the other made 'smore's with chocolate and marshmallow between two biscuits. It was amazing to see how hot the pots became under the glass panel in the solar cooker. We will definitely being using this method again next year! We will just have to source more perspex or glass.

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