A Bigger and Better Walk for Water!
Posted on 25 February 2019

The Walk for Water has become part of Gozo College Middle School’s calendar. This year will mark their 10th year of walking for water. Following the huge success of the past walks, where each year water pumps were installed to families and communities in need in Kenya, funded through donations

Sixpere are making a splash!
Posted on 25 February 2019
Posted on 22 February 2019
Making new what is old
Posted by Enkelobantwana full service , South Africa on 20 February 2019
the Bisses
Posted on 18 February 2019
H2O Penthalaz 7H are making a splash!
Posted on 18 February 2019
Water filter
Posted on 14 February 2019
The Boys of the Lake are making a Splash!
Posted on 11 February 2019
Royal & International Recognition for Ebomvini Water Explorers
Posted by Bridget Ringdahl on 11 February 2019
Team of the Week goes to Luhana Primary!
Posted on 5 February 2019
Does grey water trump tap water
Posted by Bhensela primary, South Africa on 4 February 2019
Visit to Ayent's STEP
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Posted on 1 February 2019
Ayent's STEP
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