Press & Media

If you would like to share Water Explorer stories or find out more about the programme please feel free to contact us and use information from the links below.

Social Media:
If you would like to talk about the programme on social media please feel free to:

  • tweet us @waterexplorers
  • use the hashtag #waterexplorers
  • and share the website link

Press and media enquiries

Press and media enquiries should be directed as follows:

The design, delivery and results of the International Water Explorer Programme:

Global Action Plan UK, Luke Wynne, 0203 8177636, [email protected]

Country specific results, press and media: 

  • UK including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands: Global Action Plan UK, Luke Wynne, 0203 8177636, [email protected]
Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
in association with
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