At the end of this programme we want to show the world how you and your students are developing into thoughtful and honest water citizens. We also want to show how you and your students are leading the way, changing your water use behaviour as an example to your friends, family and community.  To measure these benefits, we’d like you to deploy leader and student surveys. These surveys are to be deployed at the start of the programme and again at the end of the programme. 

Completion of these student and leader surveys unlocks your Missions, wins you additional points!

Detailed instructions for how surveys are to be deployed are available here. Topics include:

Ethics – read this before you do anything else!

Golden Rules for collecting Good Data

Student Survey – Do at least three

Leader Survey – Do at least one

Prizes and Rewards

Data for Points – the more data you collect for us, the more points you win 

It is important that you follow the instructions therein, because if every leader collects their survey data in a different way we won’t be able to make sense of any of it!

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