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Why is our River so Dirty!
Posted by Eqhweni Combined School , South Africa on 25 August 2015
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Looking at Nitrogen levels
Looking at Nitrogen levels

We are now into the third term and Mr Mdluli Enviro/Soul buddy Water Explorer team are well on their way to understanding how they can use the mini SASS tool to monitor the quality of water in their beloved Iwomu River. Unfortunately, the community have taken to dumping their excess rubbish in the river catchment. Whilst, Winter low rainfall is expected to improve the clarity of water, there is a fear that the quality of water might have deteriated. To back up these assumptions, Julia assisted Mr Ndludlu’s Water Explorer team to use the Fresh Water Watch test kit to check the nitrogen and phosphate levels. Surprisingly the Nitrogen levels were low registering a 0.2 on the indicator strip but the Mini SASS results told another story. With a Mini-SASS Score of 5.7, the river is in a poor condition especially considering that this river so high up in the catchment should be free of any contaminates. 

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