South Africa
The Dragonflys celebrate their Waterful successes
Posted by The Birches, South Africa on 2 September 2015

We decided to focus on appreciating clean water and the conservation of water collected in our WATER BANK for our special day.. Children have been saving 2 litre bottles of Grey water and rain water for weeks.At the Festival we used this water to highlight the use of waste water!

The children took part in a number of activities during their Free Choice time. These activities were intended to remind and reinforce the use of grey and rain harvested water at home.

We also used the water theme through, art and music; and together we created a table cloth and a long water mural. The day was one enjoyed by all. It was also one that hopefully has changed attitudes and generated lasting actions in conservation of water – in our young children, their families, the community and all who have read about it in the Child Magazine, the Highway Mail and on Face book! We will continue to save and to encourage everyone to be Water Wise.

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