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Composting for our future
Posted by Hawkstone Primary School, South Africa on 1 October 2015
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Our water Champions harvesting our wonderful compost with our Principal
Our water Champions harvesting our wonderful compost with our Principal

Hawkstone Primary decided to grow a garden to reduce pollution. We made our own compost by putting kitchen and garden waste and all that is biodegradeable. We added small twigs as a layer at the bottom of the pile to ensure aeration. Our compost heap is 1m by 2m then we added the grass cuttings, leaves and kitchen waste as well as manure in layers. We added some soil to it and watered it, but were careful not to make it too wet. We also had to keep checking to see that it didnt dry out either.

We were lucky that we already had another compost heap that was ready to use, so we prepared a place for planting making a path in between. We are going to plant companion plants for certain seasons eg Beetroot and onion, pumpkin with mealies, carrots with lettce, onions and tomatoes. We are going to make biofriendly pesticides with garlic and soap so that we have less pest insects.  A great recipe is: 10 cloves of garlic with a quarter of a cup of grated bath soap. Soak the garlic ad soap in  a litre of hot water. When the mixture has cooled, spray it on the vegetables.

By recycling garden and food waste we are stopping waste from going to the landfill site. Waste is turned into something more useful such as natural fertiliser. All of this saves lots of water in the long run. We will also take care to only water our garden in the early hours of the day to prevent unnecessary water loss.

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