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Natural and Biodiversity- Indigenous Gardening
Posted by glenridge pre primary, South Africa on 11 December 2015
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Our Small Arbor Day celebration
Our Small Arbor Day celebration

We have always been proud of our indigenous trees that a parent had the foresight to plant when the school was built in 1986. As a happy consequence, some of our trees have started dropping seeds and multiplying so we have been slowly bagging Yellow Wood seedlings and stockpiling for a big sale. The whole school took our annual Arbor Day walk around the garden to familiarise themselves with the names and looks of the trees.
In winter we made butterfly and bird feeders for the migrating birds to have a snack on their way through. We also wanted to help out the birds that would stay in our garden for Winter.
We’ve had the added luck of watching certain vegetables shoot up all over the school. Wherever we used our homemade compost we seemed to grow butternut, tomatoes and even potatoes. It’s been exciting because we don’t specifically plant them, so we never know what’s going to grow where. The garden is finding its own way and maturing in a magical way.

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