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Saving our Pond
Posted by Virginia Preparatory School, South Africa on 24 December 2015
We saved all our pond life in our efforts to fix a leak!
We saved all our pond life in our efforts to fix a leak!

As we had a leak in our pond that was also full of the alien invasive peckeril weed, we reduce its size and using our green money called in an indigenous landscaper to help us make a more water friendly garden. What a spectacular result! Not only do we have a beautiful water wise garden but we have saved an enormous amount of water. It was the project of the Environmental Club to remove all the pond life from the leaking pond to the two top ponds. They really got involved and those with wellies got stuck in to save water-boatmen, tadpoles, guppies, water spiders, snails and a mulititude of animal and plant life. Everyone was rescued demonstrating lots of the Water Explorer values! 

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