South Africa
A hike up the hill gives us a new view of our water
Posted by Mpophomeni Enviro-club, South Africa on 7 April 2016
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Our view of Midmar dam
Our view of Midmar dam

Me and my best friends in the world had a wonderful time hiking the Baba uNdlovu (Mr Ndlovu) mountain. The mountain there gives a wonderful view of the Midmar dam which is currently facing a drought.

The Midmar dam view is quite more beautiful from this side than the view that we normally see when we are at Mpophomeni, and as we were going up we came across two white water dams which were very interesting to us because we did not know about them.

Our walk was truly amazing because we had time to chat about the drought that is taking away our precious Midmar dam, we even compared the water level that has changed from the last few months or years. We were not impressed by the water level at the Midmar dam.

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