South Africa
Fracking - No way!
Posted by Hilton Montessori School, South Africa on 27 April 2016

Charlene from Wessa Eco-Schools visited Hilton Montessori School to give a presentation and overview of the consequences of fracking. The learners participated in an informative power-point presentation and discussion around the topic. Having a basic understanding of the process, learners took to art material to design posters of their interpretation and understanding, with the intention of the posters being showcased at the fracking meeting taking place in the KZN Midlands. Some of the concerns of fracking that stood out for most of the learners was the excessive use of water (which presently has more of an impact due to the drought conditions South Africa is experiencing), the destruction of the environment and seeing evidence of this destruction in areas around the world that have undergone the process.

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