South Africa
Waterful Wetlands
Posted by Manor Gardens Primary School, South Africa on 28 April 2016
Checking out the awesome wetlands at Tala
Checking out the awesome wetlands at Tala

Samora from Grd 4 Reports: In water month of March we visited the Tala wetlands. Wetlands have loads of different uses. One of them is their plants filter water. You can recognize a wetland by the different types of plants. Hippos live in wetlands and so do water buck. The plants also help stop soil erosion. We saw sedges, reeds, grasses and bulrushes. Bullrushes can be used for stuffing pillows. We went fishing with a net and ice cream tubs to see what macroinvertebrates we could find. We caught bugs (water beetles) and shrimps. It was really awesome!

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