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We pledge to eat less water by...
Posted by Hilton Montessori School, South Africa on 28 April 2016
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We are serious about our pledges
We are serious about our pledges


- less junk food

- less meat

- less biltong and sweets

- drink more water and less fizzy drinks

- less processed food

were some of the thoughtful food pledges made by the Grd 4 - 8 of Hilton Montessori after they played the Water We Eat  game where they had to sort different foods from highest water footprint to the lowest. The learners were astounded that a burger can take up to 2500 litres to make. They learned that the more processing involved the more water is used and the more animal products used the more water used too! Another astonishing fact they learned was that a Bottled Water bought from a shop wastes 8litres of water for every 1 litre bottled! So support local drinking water from the tap! They have taken this very seriously and pledged to make a difference by giving up some of the foods they really enjoy just to save a bit more water.

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