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Kainon investigates Secret Water.
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Posted by Kainon Primary School, South Africa on 19 October 2016
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The Grade 5's of Kainon Primary school learnt all about secret water and how even something simple like a T-shirt uses a large amount of water that we actually unaware of.  The children spoke about lots of different things around them that use a large amount of water and discussed ways that they can reduce their water footprint.  The Grade 5's found out that one of the very important ways that they can help reduce their own water footprints is by eating less meat.  They learnt that a cow eats a lot of grain which requires a lot of water to grow.  If we were to eat the grain ourselves rather than the meat, we could then spread the grain further around and thereby use less water in the process. But will we get the right amount of nutrients if we are to reduce the amount of meat we eat?  The Grade 5's were very interested to study the nutritional tables of various beans and pulses and realised that much of the nutritional content that we get from meat, we can actually get from beans and pulses too! To end the lesson, the children were given an egg box and chose a variety of seeds to grow.  Guess what the Kainon Grade 5 children are having for dinner tonight?

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