South Africa
Resource Use- Water Conservation
Posted by Wyebank eco buddies , South Africa on 29 December 2016

This year, Wyebank continued to strive to make every drop count. Although we did not record water consumption and do any comparative conclusions, we started planting more indigenous plants which were donated to our school by Kloof Conservancy. We also closed off unnecessary taps around the blocks in an attempt to save water and have less run off. This year the water shut off system continued to work effectively and theft of our water stopped. We also saved water by not topping up the swimming pool as the pool is dysfunctional because the surrounding informal settlement have stolen the pool pump and we had to disconnect water and electricity supply to that far end of the school.

Next year hopefully we get the admin to assist us by supplying us with copies of the bills to monitor the water and electricity consumption and we could have a competition for the class where all the learners bring in water bottles. We also need to get learners to bring a 2 litre bottle of water from home to start a water bank at school for when the JoJo tanks run dry.

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