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Sussing out the river with SASS
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Posted by Sakhile, South Africa on 9 March 2015
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Mr Mabaso helping to explain the mini SASS tool.
Mr Mabaso helping to explain the mini SASS tool.

Learners explored a near by wetland and tried to indentify all the little creepy crawlies that live in or near the water. Many of these creatures like bugs and beetle serve an important role in the food chain. They also help to mop up any waste or excess nutients found in the water.

This river known in isiZule as the E Dangweni River had been severly impacted by animals, people, pollution and sewage. There was very little life to be seen exept for the accasional bug or beetle and one lonely fish ( who was returned to its natural habbitat unharmed). The children learnt about a marvelous job of our wetlands to clean and purify our water for free.If we dont look after our Wetlands, we would need to clean our water using energy intensive and costly processes . They also learnt how to use the mini SASS to determine the health of our rivers. This is a great tool to encourage our learners to participate as water scientists and inform our communities about the hazards and solutions of water pollution.. 

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