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Soil is life: Growing our own food
Posted by Kusa Kusa Primary, South Africa on 8 March 2017
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Working hard in the 31 degree heat!!
Working hard in the 31 degree heat!!

Today we had lesson with Bridget, Mrs Cele and Mrs Dlungwana with Future leader learners. This lesson was in support of our HEALTHY LIVING Eco-Schools theme. We learned about the importance of protecting our soil and how this will determine how well our food garden grows.

We learned that soil needs to be living! It needs to have organic matter in it as this provides the food for the plants to grow. We also learned that more organic matter in soil means that the soil is able to hold more water. Sandy soil the spaces are too large so the water runs though. Clay soils the particles are too close so the soil becomes water logged. 

We also learned that soil needs to be protected and covered with grass or mulch. This helps to prevent evaporation and loss of water from run off. It also helps to protect the soil life.

 We then went out to make some vitamin pills in the garden. We dug holes and filled these with organic matter from our kitchen. We then planted 9 different vege seedlings around the vitamin pills and mulched with grass. We also started to make green manure - we collected weeds and put them in a sack and then into a barrel of water to soak and make a fertiliser tea that we should be able to use in 2 weeks. 
We have tried to build up the fertility of our soil using these permaculture practices.

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