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Posted by KwaGumbi Green Beans, South Africa on 8 March 2017
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Today Kwa-Gumbi lauched their first Theme- Healthy Living with an appropriate gardening lesson about Permaculture. An excited huddle of Grade 5 children learnt about the meaning of permaculture and how they can better look after their natural resources like soil and water- Looking at different soil types they learnt about the importance of composting and conditioning their soil. They also learnt the principals of save, store ,sink ,spread and stop when it comes to better water management. Using a variety of posters and a demonstration of mulched and unmulched soil, they developed a better understanding of how to garden in an earth friendly way. The lesson was culminated with a planting and mulching exercise in the garden. We planted cabbage,brinjil,tomoto,broccoli,califlower and onions. A packet of seeds was given to the eco-club with a calendar of what to plant, when. ‘The lesson was very exciting as we learnt about how to make a proper compost heap and the definition of organic materials as appose to inorganic material” says Mr Sithole

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