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We have come a long way since we began!
Posted by Northdene Preparatory School, South Africa on 23 March 2017
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Our Water Champions in front of the map on the Media Centre board
Our Water Champions in front of the map on the Media Centre board

One doesn't think about how far food travels before we have it on our plates, so this challenge was very interesting.

We were most surprised about the fact that Oreos are made in Saudi Arabia!

A lot of us didn't realise that SPAR is an international company, and sources food from all over the world. Tuna comes from Thailand, and rice cakes come from China, probably because they make the best rice cakes.

We also looked at supporting our local farmers. Unfortunately, South Africa doesn't seem to have a Fair Trading idea set up, but we reminded ourselves of the "Proudly South African" brand. We also explored using products that are local to us, so we should support Midlands Eggs because they are from nearby Hilton, whereas Nulaid are from Gauteng which is around 500km away.

We stuck our food labels on the lovely big map that we have put on the Media Centre board, and wrote in the kilometres that the food has had to travel.


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