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South Coast Schools sign up !
Posted by South Coast Schools on 6 February 2018

Wow ! South Coast schools are ready to dive in!  28 Teachers and learners turned up at our WE workshop kindly hosted by Port Shepstone High School representing 16 Schools in the area. These schools are set to make waves.

 After a brief intro to the programme and how the website works, no time was wasted to make sure Wetlands were the topic of the day being International Wetlands month. 

What we did? We had an interesting discussion about the amount of time, effort and energy that it takes to clean water. Most of us have never been to a water treatment plant, yet without much thought we are able to turn taps on and have fresh clean water! We reviewed the Water treatment process and learned how it mimics a wetland.

Did you know a wetland cleans our water in the same way as a Water treatment plant, but it does it for free! No chemicals, no employees except the plants and biodiversity which work symbiotically to clean and store water. Wetlands prevent flooding and also provide us with renewables like ncema grass and fish, they are our nurseries.

We then built filters using a variety of materials such gravel , sand netting. We were challenged to see which team could get a bottle of dirty water the cleanest. We were asked to think about how wetlands and water treatment plants worked and try and apply what we had learned in the filter making.

In hindsight we realised the process must be slow, the materials should be ordered from finest to coarsest and that a variety of materials should be used. This activity really helped us to understand how a wetland works as well as appreciate the huge effort it takes to get water clean!


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