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Leap Day for Frogs
Posted by Northdene Preparatory School, South Africa on 28 February 2018
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The Water Champions and some of the Grade four learners made awesome posters about frogs. We planned to put them up on our Water Explorer board outside the Media Centre, but we ended up using four boards around the school, which is good for raising awareness.

We have froggy facts and information, drawings of frogs, bullrushes and lilypads and statistics about frog conservation. 

A grade three class is doing frogs as an assembly on Friday, and we are going to send an article in to the local newspaper about Leap Day for Frogs, but we don't know if it will get in.

Just in time for Leap Day... We spotted a frog hanging around our established pond in the indigenous garden today! It's good to know that we have a frog-friendly habitat for him.

The photo is of one of our four boards; this one is on our usual Water Explorer board.




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