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Challenge Your Family
Posted by Northdene Preparatory School, South Africa on 28 February 2018
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Challenge Your Family is used as a Grade 5 Natural Science assessment project which works out very well.

Learners do not make the booklet, but have to put all the information on a poster which is marked according to various criteria.

The learners have to choose a day and fill in the number of times they did specific water using activities such as having a bath, flushing the toilet and brushing their teeth. Tbe amount of water used for each activity is given, and they then need to work out the number of litres of water they used during that day.

They also need to observe their family during the week of the assessment and identify three ways their family could save water. They needed to try and get their family members to sign pledges. Unfortunately, only a few of these pledges made it to school, so we hope that more people decided to save water than the fifteen that we received.

The grade fives then had to make a poster with the amount of water they used in that day, the three ways that their family could use less water, and one or more interesting facts about water.

Several of these posters were displayed on our Water Explorer board outside the Media Centre.

23 Water Champions and 84 regular learners took part in this challenge.



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