South Africa
First Steps to a Better Future
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 15 April 2018
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Being home-schooled, the Amazing GIG Water Explorers team decided that each family should make their own water walkway. For my family, I decided to trace everyone's feet instead of printing the ones provided. Once our beautiful feet were traced, I started to make them colourful and covered them with water saving tips. Now they were ready for use. To catch everyone's attention, I stuck them up near water usage hotspots(bathrooms, washing machine, etc). some of the water saving tips that we used were: useing grey water from the bath or shower to flush our toilet, only used half a sink to wash dishes, waited to have a full load of laundrey before putting it in the washing machine and collected rain water from our gutters to water the plants. Among the water saving tips were a few feet that encouraged us to come up with new ways to save water.                                      Our first Water Explorers activity was definitely creative and I am sure will be the first step to a better future.

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