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On the Right Track: Our Water Audit
Posted by Nonqanda primary, South Africa on 23 April 2018
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Measuring water wastage using poor methods
Measuring water wastage using poor methods

We conducted a detailed WATER AUDIT for our Grade 5 Class based on the top 4 Water Uses at school everyday. Our findings showed how much water we are saving by NOT doing these bad practices - and showed us that we are on the right track! 

There are 40 learners in Grade 5

WASHING HANDS: All 40 learners wash their hands in 1 basin of 6litres of water/day.

Each learner washed their hands under a running tap and spent 200ml and wasted 450ml

The TOTAL WASTER FOR 40 Learners would be 18 litres

WASHING PLATES : 40 learners wash their plates in 2 basins and rinse using a total of 12 litres/day

If each learner washed their plate under a running tap they would spend 300ml each, 250ml is wastes

The TOTAL WATER WASTED FOR 40 Learners would be 10litres/day

DRINKING : All 40 Learner have all their drinking needs supplied for 1 day from x2 20litre buckets ie 40litres/day

If each learner drank under a running tap darnk 750ml on average and wasted 30ml

The TOTAL WATER WASTED for 40 learns is 30litres/day

Therefore we worked out that we are in fact SAVING at least 58litres/day by not practicing these poor water use methods.

Thats at least 300litres/week and 1160 litres saved per month minimum



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