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My LEGO® Water Explorer Stop-Motion
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 25 April 2018
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Our challenge was to build or design something that would help or encourage people to save water.

I made a LEGO® stop-motion clip to help advertise Water Explorers and encourage people to join the movement to save water.

I first made the scene out of LEGO® and put it in suitable lighting, after that I made the stop-motion. A stop-motion is made by taking one photograph, moving an arm or a leg a bit then taking another photograph, and so on. It is very time consuming, but it is fun. For about 30 seconds of video, I had to take around 150 photos!

I made this because everyone knows and likes LEGO® so it is a great way to captivate people, particularly the younger children, and to help persuade them to save water and join the Water Explorer movement.

This video will be shared on Facebook and uploaded to YouTube to reach a greater number of people.

We will also be able to use my stop-motion clip in the video our Water Explorers team is making for our Water Festival next week.

By Joshua Whitehouse, age 13, 25th April 2018



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